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Relaxed Weddings with great food and fantastic service from start to finish.

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our mission

Our mission goes beyond feeding you and your guests. It's about crafting moments of joy, fostering connections, and creating reasons to celebrate. We want to be your trusted partner, making your dreams a reality, and ensuring your event unfolds smoothly, letting you savour every precious moment.

Our approach

Our commitment to creating a tailored and sophisticated experience begins with a personalised touch. We initiate each event by engaging in a discussion about your unique needs and expectations. This dialogue, conducted either over a phone conversation or in person over coffee, sets the foundation for an event designed exclusively around your vision.

Unlike the conventional approach of selecting from Menu A, B, or C, we prefer to transcend the ordinary. Our skilled chefs take the reins, crafting a menu based on innovative ideas tailored to your preferences. Following this creative process, we provide a personalised quotation, ensuring transparency and alignment with your expectations.

Moving beyond the menu, our collaborative journey continues with meticulous planning discussions. We delve into service styles, event timings, and any specific requirements you may have for the day. Throughout the planning phase, we remain at your service, offering valuable advice and unwavering support.

As the event approaches, our commitment to excellence persists. We can come and set up tables and kitchens the day before, ensuring everything aligns seamlessly with your expectations. This pre-event preparation allows us to verify that every detail is to your satisfaction, culminating in a flawless execution on the day of the event. At Anthony's Catering, we take pride in not just meeting but exceeding your expectations, delivering a truly bespoke and memorable experience for every occasion.

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Why we are, what you're looking for?

Our 10 Key Values

    1.   Excellence:Striving for the highest level of quality and craftsmanship in every aspect of thecatering services, from food preparation to customer service.

2.   Creativity:Fostering innovation and creativity in menu design, presentation, and eventplanning to offer unique and memorable experiences to your clients.

3.   Client-Centric:Putting the needs and preferences of our clients first, offering personalizedand attentive service to ensure their satisfaction.

4.   Sustainability:Committed to environmentally responsible practices by sourcing local, organic,and sustainable ingredients, and minimizing waste and carbon footprint.

5.   Integrity:Conducting all business dealings with honesty, transparency, and ethicalprinciples, building trust with clients and partners.

6.   Inclusivity:Embracing diversity in both your team and our client base, ensuring thateveryone feels valued and welcomed.

7.   CommunityEngagement: Giving back to the community by supporting local causes andparticipating in community events and initiatives.

8.   ContinuousImprovement: Striving for ongoing learning and improvement, staying up to datewith industry trends, and refining our skills and services.

9.   Teamwork:Cultivating a collaborative and supportive team environment where each membercontributes to the company's success.

10.       Passion:Infusing enthusiasm and passion into everything you we do, from cooking toserving, to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration at every event.

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